Keep Tabs on Your Online Bank

You spend a lot of time online doing whatever it is that you do. Whether you like looking up movie times, clear reviews or shirtless pictures of Jake Gyllenhall you probably don’t spend enough time looking at your online banking platform. Take some advice from us and devote extra time to these common money sucks:
Fees, fees, fees: Your bank probably loves to slip fees into your regular rotation so keep an eye out for 5 her and 2.50 there. If you don’t stay vigilant for your nickels and dimes no one else will.
Mistakes: Sometimes it’s not meant to be sneaky, banks make mistakes just like people. Particularly if any of your transactions have to go through human hands you’re bound to run across some error or another at some point.
Leaks of Your Info: Try to find ways you could “hack” your online bank account if you wanted to – it could be as simple as a bad password or even social security number spelled out online. Anything like that should be brought up with your bank’s IT group immediately.

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